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About Craft India

No cuisine is ever complete in the absence of two ingredients namely, Rice and Ghee. Needless to cite, these two sees major demand in the food sector and accomplishing the same, comes as a responsibility for numerous entities. Emphasizing upon every small trait of aforesaid ingredients, we are making our presence identified as a sought-after manufacturer and trader of organic foods. We are leaving no stone unturned in rendering topnotch ghee and rice that pleases commercial resellers, individual customers, industry suppliers and others. The product line offered comprises Parboiled Basmati Rice, Organic Brown Rice, Pure Cow Ghee, Buffalo Ghee and others.

Our company has maintained ultra-modern facility that enables us to meet users expectations for health-nourishing foods that are free from impure substances. All our manufactured as well as trading products are exceptional as these are processed in a quality-accredited manner for meeting consumers needs for safety. We are well-acquainted with buyers needs for aroma, color, taste and appearance. This being reason, we emphasize on maintaining realness in offerings for meeting customers demands with flying colors.

Customers Acceptance

The rate of acceptance in the market for our finger-licking ghee and aromatic rice is just mind-blowing. Our competitors are envious from the public liking towards our manufactured and traded products, which are extremely matchless in terms of safety and quality. We have in-house quality examination process that helps us to keep strict check on the offerings. Our product range is tested on multifarious factors such as grain size, thickness, consistency, appearance, shelf-life and aroma. We maintain different quantities of our manufactured and traded products so that heaviest requirements from around the planet are timely completed.

Reasons To Pick Us

  • We maintain products in numerous packs for accomplishing requirements from local and international markets.
  • We deal with all buyers for small to heavy requirements about ghee and rice in the perfect manner.
  • We run high check on products on Pure Cow Ghee, Organic Brown Rice, Parboiled Basmati Rice and many others for serving the best to buyers.
  • We make sure each and every customer is treated in a righteous manner to maintain lifelong relationships.
  • We follow customer-friendly approaches in the business line to attract more customers towards business.
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